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“I want my tenants to move out during their fixed-term lease because I want the house vacant when I sell. If I want them gone, they should just leave, right?” – Owner, NSW

We asked Professionals Lithgow Licensee, Tina Case for her advice.

“You own the house, so while you think this would be fine, unfortunately, it just isn’t the case,” Tina said.

“When you sign a residential tenancy agreement with a tenant, you are giving them the right to the premises for a fixed term period.”

Tina said the only option that property owners legally have in this instance, is to give the tenant an end of lease termination notice so that they know that they need to vacate at the end of the lease period.

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“You can still put the property on the market with a tenant in place, you just need to ensure that you stick to the conditions that are stated within the lease for your access notices,” she said.

“On the flip side of this, once you have given the tenant notice that you are placing the property on the market, if they do not want to stay during a sale process, they can give you notice, stating that they are leaving, and you must allow them out of the fixed term of the tenancy with no penalty to them.”

Tina said this can be a complicated process, so make sure that you read the lease and stick to the conditions that are set out in there (clauses 20, 21 and 22).

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tina case
Tina Case

Winner - Professionals International Property Manager of the Year 2015, Property Manager of the Year - Regional 2015 - Real Estate Business Awards.