So your energy bill is going up. You’ve seen the cost of staying warm (among other things) is skyrocketing, and you’re one bill away from kicking yourself for buying that dryer. Here are 40 quick, simple and easy ways you can cut back on your electricity consumption today.

Goodbye energy wasted, hello money saved! Let’s dive in.

1. Adjust your wash cycle. Match the needs of your load rather than sticking with the default setting.

2. Avoid ‘vampire power’. You can save about 10% by turning off appliances at the powerpoint when you’re not using them.

3. Bake on cold days. This is a simple (and delicious) way to heat your house!

4. Buy a hot water bottle. A cheap fix. Pop one into your bed before you jump in, or wrap one in your pyjamas for extra warmth.

5. Check your seals. Replace them if they’re damaged. A broken seal is the same as leaving your door open.

6. Clean your pool filters. Do this often to maximise your pump’s efficiency.

7. Clean your rangehood filters. Vent the exhaust outside your home and use your exhaust at the lowest speed.

8. Compete with your housemates. See who can have the quickest shower!

9. Cook efficiently. A natural gas cooker and a microwave oven are the most efficient for cooking.

10. Cook more food in one go. Where possible, cook up large amounts and freeze them for the week ahead. A microwave is more energy efficient and cheaper to run than an oven when you’re reheating food.

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11. Count your stars. Look at the energy rating on your appliances. A 3-star fridge/freezer can be $900 cheaper than a 1-star appliance over the life of a machine.

12. Cover your pool. Use an insulated pool cover on your pool or spa to save money.

13. Ditch the dryer. It may take a little longer to dry your clothes, but it’ll save a tonne of money in bills.

14. Don’t overheat your water. Try adjusting your water heater to 50-60 degrees. You’ll save on your water heating costs.

15. Fill up your washing machine. Wait until you have a full load before you run a washing cycle.

16. Fix any leaking taps. Avoid unnecessarily adding to your power bill. Check for any leaking hot water taps. 

17. Heat and cool selectively. Only heat or cool the spaces in your home that you’re using – not your whole house.

18. Invest in an electric blanket. They use less energy than room heaters.

19. Keep your windows and doors closed. This one’s pretty simple, but also draw your curtains at night to help keep the heat in. 

20. Look for concessions. State and federal governments have up to thousands of dollars in concessions to support Australians in need of support with their power bills.

21. Look for hardship programs. All retailers have hardship programs. If you’re struggling to pay your power bills, ask for relief. You can set up an agreed payment plan, and providing you stick to it, they won’t cut you off.

22. Opt for LED globes. Go for these over incandescent bulbs. Some LEDs are also dimmable.

23. Shift your usage. You can save about $260 a year by using washing machines, dishwashers or heating during off-peak times.

24. Simmer those saucepans. Where possible, don’t boil. Lower heat will save energy over the long term.

25. Spin dry your washing. Do this before you hang out your load.

26. Stack your dishwasher. Don’t run it until it’s full.

27. Switch off your lights when you don’t need them. This may seem obvious, but it’s something we’re all guilty of on occasion.

28. Switch retailers. You can save money by shopping around. Hot tip: Ask to speak to your provider’s retention team. They’ll often discover a better deal for you once they realise you’re planning to leave 😉

29. Take shorter showers. Showering can make up to 60% of your hot water usage!

30. Throw on a jumper. This is an easy fix, but dressing for the season means you won’t need as much heating or cooling in the first place.

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31. Throw out that old beer fridge. Beer fridges tend to be older and less energy efficient. One fridge can chew through more than $250 a year. Can’t do without it? Turn it on an hour before your event.

32. Turn down your heater. Start your heater temperature at 19 or 20 in winter before you dial it up to ‘high.’ Most men are comfortable at about 22 degrees, and women at 24.

33. Unplug your phantom appliances. DVD players, chargers, printers and televisions fall into this category, so unplug when not in use.

34. Use cold water. A good move when hot water’s not necessary.

35. Use energy-saving features. Check out your washing machine for any included energy-saving features.

36. Use timeout devices. These are great for non-essential appliances like televisions, so power is cut when unused.

37. Use timers to control your heaters. Time is money! If you have the option, use timers to control your heater usage.

38. Use window coverings. Good window coverings go a long way to keep a consistent temperature and can help to reduce your power bills.

39. Use your toaster. Go for the toaster instead of the grill – it uses less electricity.

40. Wash your clothes in cold water. Most of the energy used by your washing machine during laundry goes towards heating the water. Cold water eliminates this energy, making your clothes (and the planet) happy.

What other tips would you add to this list?