“I get scared at inspection time – is it a test to see how tidy my house is? I’m worried I’ll be put out on the street – Tenant, NSW

Feature agentTina Case, Licensee at Professionals Lithgow.

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“Inspections are carried out so that we [the agents] can show the landlord that the property is being cared for and that there are no repairs needing to be done,” Tina said.

“Often, we also advise the owner of work that they might like to budget for in the future as well – such as repainting or re-carpeting.”

“I understand that it can feel invasive to have someone come through your home. We are not there to tell you how to live, nor are we there to judge your housekeeping.”

“In saying that, there are specific requirements in the lease, stating how you are meant to look after the property (clause 16 and 47).”

Tina said it was important to remember that the real estate agent does not need to come through your rental very often.

“We recommend that you ensure the property is nice and tidy for your inspections, which will make both the owner happy with you and the real estate happy to rent to you again in the future,” she said.

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Tina Case
Tina Case
Director & Property Manager at Professionals Lithgow | [email protected]

Tina Case is the Director and Property Manager at Professionals Lithgow in New South Wales. Tina has worked with the Lithgow office since 2008 and specialises in people and arrears management, trust accounting, conflict resolution and NCAT hearings. She has lived in the Lithgow area for more than 40 years and used her passion for property management to open her own Professionals office.


  1. Hi guys

    I’m in QLD and I’d like to know if sole agents are allowed to take photos of the inside of your property and open cupboards and take photos whilst carrying out a routine inspection.

  2. With rental properties, does the agent have to take photos of every room ?
    Also what is the required time frame of an inspection- 3 or 6 months?