Revitalise your home for spring

As Australia bursts into bloom, it’s time to breathe new life into your home! Say farewell to winter and hello to a vibrant spring haven with these renter-friendly tips.

Whether prepping for a rental inspection or craving a home upgrade, these six hacks will refresh your space, leaving it gleaming and ready for the season.

Here’s your checklist for a seasonal home refresh:

Scrub for a shiny space

Nothing beats a deep clean to revive your living area. Just like nature sheds its old skin, your home deserves a thorough makeover. A solid cleaning spree removes dust and winter gloom, infusing a sense of renewal.

Begin with the basics – dusting surfaces, vacuuming carpets, and mopping floors. But go beyond that. Pay extra attention to forgotten corners. Windows, gutters, and those ignored drawers can collect clutter and grime. Polish them to see your home shine with newfound vitality.

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Ditch the clutter

Winter clutter can creep in unnoticed. Spring is your chance to declutter and rejuvenate your space.

This exercise syncs perfectly with the season’s theme of renewal. Get inspired and assess each item.

If something’s broken, useless, or out of place, bid it farewell. Decluttering opens physical space and clears your mind.

Welcome the fresh air

As winter retreats, invite fresh air into your home. Open windows to let the spring breeze dance through your rooms.

Use fans or vents to boost airflow. During winter, places tend to get stuffy. By letting in the outside, you’ll refresh your home and chase away lingering germs. Even if chilly days linger, ventilating your space transforms its ambience.

Wardrobe transition

Spring is fickle, with cold snaps and warmth. Adapt your wardrobe as the weather shifts.

Stow away heavy sweaters and clunky boots to make room for blazers, cardigans, and lighter layers. It’s practical and adds colours and textures to your space. Trade winter scarves for fresh accessories that mirror outdoor beauty.

Embrace flowers

Spring blooms are enchanting. Bring their magic inside with fresh flower bouquets. They instantly infuse your home with spring’s essence.

Opt for cheery, fragrant flowers that light up rooms and your mood. For lasting charm, scatter potted plants around. They enhance aesthetics and air quality.

Furniture facelift

Shake up your space by rearranging furniture. Moving key pieces can transform your home’s appearance.

If a room feels bland, experiment with layouts. Switch your coffee table, shuffle seating, or rethink large pieces for a spacious vibe.

This trick works wonders for renters, reshaping spaces minus permanent changes.

In a nutshell

Spring ignites your senses. Embrace its spirit by revamping your haven into a rejuvenating sanctuary. Deep-clean, declutter, welcome fresh air and blooms, and remix furniture for a new vibe. Let your home mirror the season’s infectious energy and embrace it fully.

This spring, don’t just clean – refresh! Connect with your space, reshape it, and share your journey in the comments below.


  1. Great tips!
    Definitely a great idea to get rid of unwanted things. I’ve been doing that all day today and instead of fitting one car I can now fit both my vehicles in the double garage. I also like the tip about rearranging the furniture, it makes home a little more exciting doesn’t it!