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“In WA, who is required to maintain a swimming pool to a reasonable standard? I was concerned at the state of the pool when I moved into my property and noted the damage in my condition report – but it has been six months since any maintenance was done. Is the owner responsible?”

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We asked Principal/Business Manager at Ray White Leading Edge, Tricia Gilbert for her advice on the responsibility for pool maintenance in Western Australia.

Tricia said the lessor (property owner) is required under the Act to maintain and repair the premises in a timely manner.

“Have you requested any particular maintenance to be carried out in relation to the pool? If not, I would suggest letting the Property Manager know of any issues as they may have overlooked this when you returned the Property Condition Report,” she said.

Tricia said that as a tenant, you are required to maintain the pool to a clean condition and ensure it is properly treated, unless your lease agreement states otherwise.

Pool care for new tenants

When completing a property condition report, if there is a swimming pool or spa, record its condition and note the accessories and cleaning equipment and check they work.

If you become aware of any safety concerns relating to the swimming pool or spa, you must
report these to the lessor/property manager as soon as possible. If they fail to resolve these issues, contact your local council. Local governments monitor compliance with spa and
swimming pool legislation.
For information on the responsibility for pool maintenance as it applies to your state or territory, contact the tenancy authority where you live.
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Tricia's efforts were officially recognised at the 20th Annual Ray White Awards, held at the Crown Perth, where she was awarded WA Property Manager of the Year, for the Ray White Group (Metropolitan).