“I’ve been renting my property with a pool for 3 years. This week, the pool man told me the pool needs to be drained and have an acid wash. Am I responsible for the fees for draining the pool and the acid wash, as well the large water bill I’ll receive upon filling the pool back up?” Tenant, WA

We asked Property Exchange Department Manager, Kaylee Ferguson for her advice:

“Standard chemical maintenance for a pool is the tenant’s responsibility,” Kaylee said.

“However, any major works are the owner’s responsibility.”

“In this instance, I would confirm with your property manager that the owner is going to be covering this cost, and also work out the portion of the next water bill that the owner would be contributing to.”

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Swimming pools and spas

If your rental property has a swimming pool or spa, you are responsible for keeping the pool or spa or any associated equipment in a properly treated and clean condition. You must also observe all legal requirements relating to pools or spas during the period of the lease.

The landlord or property manager is responsible for ensuring the pool or spa is secure, that it is child safe and complies with pool safety standards.

If you become aware of any safety concerns relating to the swimming pool or spa, you must report these concerns to your landlord or property manager as soon as possible.

At the start of your tenancy, the landlord or property manager should make sure the water is clean, chemically balanced and the pool and equipment are serviceable. You should also be provided with the necessary tools and equipment for day-to-day maintenance, such as vacuums, hoses, brushes and scoops.

Unless your written agreement states otherwise, as the tenant you are responsible for day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the pool, such as cleaning and maintaining the chemical balance of the water, including the purchase of pool chemicals.

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Kaylee Ferguson
Kaylee Ferguson
Partner & Head of Property Management at The Property Exchange | [email protected]

Kaylee Ferguson is the Partner & Head of Property Management at The Property Exchange in Subiaco, Western Australia. Kaylee started her career in real estate in 2006 and joined The Property Exchange in 2017 as Head of Property Management. In 2020, she became a shareholder in the company. Kaylee is passionate about educating the world about property management.