“Whose responsibility is it to clean the gutters at your property? The tenant or the landlord, and why?” Tenant, WA

We asked Property Exchange Department Manager, Kaylee Ferguson for her advice:

“The owner is responsible for the cleaning of gutters in a rental property,” Kaylee said.

“This [gutter cleaning] is a maintenance item that the owner is required to undertake as part of their upkeep on a property.”

Kaylee said it is recommended that cleaning is done on a yearly basis to avoid any resultant damage occurring to the property.

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Often, the clearing and maintenance of guttering is not considered at all until damage has been done and resulted in additional expense, time and effort.

Regular maintenance and clearing of your gutters is important for a number of reasons. Once leaves and debris collect and settles in your gutters, rainwater begins to accumulate.

This can have a range of effects on your property, with damage taking many forms including:

  • A poorly functioning drainage system
  • Water damage due to overflow
  • Internal water damage in the roof of the rental property
  • Warped and bent gutters which affect not only the appearance of the property but also the efficiency of the guttering
  • Damage to roofing, facia boards, pathways, patios, decks and landscaping
  • Cracked foundations

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Kaylee Ferguson
Department Manager at | kaylee@thepropertyexchange.com.au | + posts

Kaylee Ferguson is a local real estate agent for The Property Exchange in Subiaco, Western Australia.


  1. As a landlord, I totally agree with you Kaylee, that it’s the landlord’s responsibility to have the gutters cleaned. I have no qualms paying someone to clean the gutters and clear the debris from them as this maintenance protects my property. It’s not an expensive service and it’s definitely not a job for tenants and as it would be a safety issue if they attempted gutter cleaning, one which could easily find themselves injured from a fall from above. That’s another reason why I’m more than prepared to pay the professionals in my area.