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If I’m renting a brand-new house (never previously occupied) with a gas stove and hot water, am I responsible for having the gas meter installed, or is the landlord trying to pull a swifty on me by asking me to do it?” – John (QLD)

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John, we spoke to Jodi Landers-Glasson, Property Manager with Richardson and Wrench – South Brisbane for her advice on the subject.

Jodi said the gas meter installation is not the responsibility of the tenant.

In fact, installation of essential services (i.e. a gas meter) is done at the owner’s cost.

“As the gas meter is part of the property and can not be removed from the property, the tenant is not liable for these costs,” she said.

NOTE || Hot water is an essential service requirement to meet minimum leasing standards in a dwelling. If the hot water system at your rental is gas, then the property owner is required to have it fully connected and have a meter installed.

It’s the tenant’s responsibility to open and activate a gas account and pay the bills for usage when they come in.

If you are in a private rental home and have a problem with your landlord, you can contact the tenancy authority in your state or territory.

Queensland Residential Tenancy Authority
1300 366 311

New South Wales
NSW Fair Trading
13 22 20

Consumer Affairs Victoria
1300 558 181

South Australia
Office of Consumer and Business Affairs
(08) 8204 9777

For links to other tenancy support bodies, start here.

Jodi Landers-Glasson

Jodi says no challenge is too great for her. She is very empathetic, understanding and has a caring approach enabling her to see all facets of an issue. She is very organised, proficient in multi-tasking and enjoys a good deal of hard work to keep her blood pumping.