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“I’m renting a new home (never previously occupied) with a gas stove and hot water. Am I responsible for having the gas meter installed?” Tenant, QLD

We asked Jodi Landers-Glasson, Property Manager at Richardson & Wrench South Brisbane for her advice:

Jodi said the gas meter installation is not the responsibility of the tenant.

Installation of essential services (i.e. a gas meter) is done at the owner’s cost.

“As the gas meter is part of the property and cannot be removed from the property, the tenant is not liable for these costs,” she said.

Renting tip: Hot water is an essential service requirement to meet minimum leasing standards in a dwelling. If the hot water system at your rental is gas, then the property owner is required to have it fully connected and have a meter installed.

As a tenant, it’s your responsibility to open and activate a gas account and pay the bills for usage when they come in.

If you are in a private rental home and have a problem with your landlord, you can contact the tenancy authority in your state or territory.

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What type of hot water system is in my rental?

In Queensland, every home has a hot water system that heats water for ready use in the property. The type of hot water system in the house will depend on:

  • Legislative compliance
  • The number of bedrooms at the property
  • Whether it’s a detached house or multi-unit accommodation
  • Whether it has access to reticulated gas

In Queensland, public housing properties have three main types of hot water systems, including:

  • Electric (electric storage or heat pump)
  • LPG or natural gas (storage or continuous flow)
  • Solar (electric or gas boosted)

Is hot water an emergency repair?

Yes. The Residential Tenancies Agreement (RTA) considers having no hot water an emergency repair. It would be reasonable to expect a delay of 24-48 hours to have your hot water system repaired. To have your problem resolved quickly, contact your property manager by phone and follow up for confirmation in writing.

As having no hot water is classified as an emergency repair, your real estate agent’s recommended plumber will be allowed entry to your home for an emergency repair without an entry notice.

If the system is installed inside the house or garage, the plumber will need access, so you’ll need to be home when they arrive or authorise them to pick up a key from the agent. If your system is outside but behind a locked gate (or if you have a dog), the gate will need to be unlocked, and the dog secured to the plumber can access the area without obstruction.

Jodi Landers-Glasson
Jodi Landers-Glasson

Jodi Landers-Glasson was a Property Manager with Richardson & Wrench Real Estate Agents South Brisbane between 2017 and 2019. The Richardson & Wrench network spans across New South Wales and Queensland with a mind to deliver the best possible real estate experience. The company was founded in 1858 and has been part of the fabric of Australian life for more than 160 years.