As part of our series How to Pay Your Rent and Win at Life, we’re asking real renters for their hot take on renting and how they’re managing their rent with RentPay.

Dan P was one of the first 100 customers to sign up for RentPay and has been using the app for almost two months.

Today he rents a unit in inner-city Thornbury, Victoria with his partner.

“In my experience as a renter, there’s never been anything else like this”

Dan P, Thornbury

We asked Dan four quick questions about his experience so far:

So, give us the elevator pitch on RentPay.

RentPay is a great all-in-one home for all things renting. It puts everything in one place and gives me a sense of where and when my payments have been made. RentPay’s other features also give me some peace of mind. Scorebuilder, for example, is completely different to anything that’s been put out before for renters, which is really cool.  

How’d you hear about it?

I heard about RentPay through word of mouth, but I really liked the idea that I might be able to build my credit score while using RentPay’s Scorebuilder feature. That’s huge. But I think that the ability to do a lot of rent-related stuff in one spot is super convenient – I love that.

And the best part of RentPay?

In my time as a renter, which goes back about eight years, there’s never been anything like this. The sky’s the limit for the future when it comes to making life easier for renters in Australia. I think and RentPay are are the forefront of looking after renters in a way that we’ve never been looked after before. 

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Thoughts on the buffer feature?

I think Buffer’s an awesome feature. I like the idea of putting a little extra aside when you have it available as a reserve for a rainy day (or just in case you hit a curveball with work). It’s definitely something I will put to use in future.

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