RentPay: Pay your way with a schedule that works for you.

We all love flexibility and choice. But did you know RentPay could make managing your rental payments even easier?

Pay more ways with RentPay

For starters, RentPay lets you pay rent your way.

That means you can pay rent using your credit card, debit card, BPAY or bank transfer, while RentPay pays your agent or landlord *instantly* using New Payments Platform (NPP) technology.

No more waiting for funds to clear – we’ve got you covered.

Rental payments on your schedule

We get it. Your rent due date doesn’t often line up perfectly with your life. So why not debit your rent money on a more convenient schedule?

Even if your rent’s due weekly and you get paid monthly, RentPay will draw money monthly and pay your agent weekly, helping you optimise your cashflow.

How good is that?

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Hack credit card points

Did you know you could supercharge your credit card rewards points with RentPay?

Choose to pay your rent with your juiciest point-earning credit card and watch the points roll in. Rent money ain’t dead money anymore!

Have questions? The RentPay support team is ready to help. Call 1300 797 933 or send us an email.

RentPay Technology Pty Ltd ACN 636 254 709 is an Authorised Representative (ARN: 001286725) of Flexewallet Pty Ltd – Australian Financial Services License number: 448066.

We are also an authorised credit representative (CRN: 534915) of One Card Credit Pty Ltd – Australian Credit License number: 390376.


RentPay is giving Australia's 7 million renters more control, flexibility and choice in how they pay rent. Founded in 2021, RentPay was designed by, Australia's largest pro-renter site. RentPay is the only payment app in Australia that helps renters take control of their rental payments while also helping improve their cash flow and build their financial future.