Acing your rental game just got even easier!

The old way… entering your credit card details every time you shop or make an online payment.  

The new way… one click online payments using securely stored credit card details with Mastercard Click to Pay.

What is Mastercard Click to Pay?  

Mastercard Click to Pay is a service for making card payments, allowing customers to pay with one click using their stored payment details. It works much like a digital wallet. Click to Pay is Mastercard’s better way to pay securely online, password-free! Best of all you can use it anywhere online, where you see the Click to Pay icon and the Mastercard logo.

Imagine all your cards at your fingertips, ready to use when you need them with a single click.  

How does Mastercard Click to Pay work?


How can I use Mastercard Click to Pay to pay my rent? 

RentPay and Mastercard have teamed up to offer Click to Pay as an option for RentPay users to pay their rent. Now you won’t need to insert your card details every time you need to pay for rent through RentPay. Making it simpler and faster for you. RentPay offers renters more ways to pay their rent, earn cashback rewards through bill smoothing and build your credit score.  

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What are the benefits of using Click to Pay?  

Using Click to Pay makes payments faster and simpler to pay online.  

  • Smart security – intelligent security helps recognise you when you are ready to pay. 
  • Stay in control – your Mastercard profile stores your information securely, ready for you when you are ready to pay.  
  • Less hassle and no passwords to remember.  

How secure is Mastercard Click to Pay?  

Passwords can be lost or stolen or forgotten. Mastercard Click to Pay uses advanced industry leading and intelligent security to ensure that you, and only you, are accessing your profile. And if you’re a remembered user, you’ll be recognized at checkout – no password required. 

The new Click to Pay service has enhanced security measures, featuring advanced payment technology built on industry standards and intelligent security from Mastercard. As an extra layer of security, a verification process is always required to update of change personal information. 

To use Mastercard Click to Pay, users need to set up a profile initially. This can be done here. Once your profile is set up, you can select the Click to Pay option when you need to pay online.  You can also add a Mastercard to Click to Pay when you are ready to pay or enrol through your bank.  

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