RentPay payments solution

A portable payments and planning app just for renters, RentPay comes with a range of features to help you take control of your rent and smooth out your cash flow, making renting a little less stressful. 

You can set up alerts and reminders so you never miss a payment, sync your pay day with your rental due date, and create a savings buffer to insulate you against life’s unexpected events. 

RentPay also comes with a built-in safety net in the form of a short-term loan, to help cover the rent if you’re short. And RentPay’s innovative ScoreBuilder feature means that your rental payments can contribute to improving your credit score.

Whether you’re a seasoned renter or a first-timer, RentPay can take care of the rent while you build your future. 

Start today by either downloading the RentPay app on the App Store or Google Play, or by using the web version of the app. 

How do I pay my rent with RentPay?

RentPay comes with a wallet, where we’ll store your funds ready to pay the rent. When you set up RentPay, we’ll ask you how and when to pay funds into your wallet. We’ll also ask you when you want RentPay to transfer the rent to your agent or landlord.

We suggest you set up automated rent payments. This means you’ll provide us with the amount and frequency of your rental payments. From there, we’ll make the payment based on your instructions. Or, if you prefer, you can make a manual payment too.

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What is a RentPay wallet?

Your RentPay wallet is like a bank account where your funds are securely stored until your rent is due to be paid.

What do you mean by funding? 

Funding is the process of transferring money to your RentPay wallet. You can fund your wallet to line up with your pay cycle and also nominate how much you want to add to your wallet each week, fortnight or month. 

By doing this, you will always have enough money set aside for your rent!

For example, if your rent is due weekly, but you’re paid fortnightly, you can fund $820 into your wallet each fortnight, and we’ll split that into two weekly payments of $410.

That way, your rent will always get to your agent on time, and you won’t be left short of funds!

Get a complete history of your rental payments

Having a clear record of past payment history can make all the difference to your next rental application, but it’s often tricky to find this information in one place. Thankfully, RentPay makes this easy! Want to view your rental payment history? Go to the RentPay app, select the Past tab on your Home dashboard to view the payments you’ve made, plus the funding of your wallet.

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RentPay has everything you need in one place

  • Alerts, notifications and reminders

With RentPay, you’ll never miss another rent payment. RentPay provides reminders, payment confirmation and rental payment history.

  • ScoreBuilder

ScoreBuilder is a unique RentPay feature that reports on-time payments to the credit reporting agency to help build your credit rating.

  • SafetyNet

RentPay’s SafetyNet feature is there if you need a short-term loan to cover your rent or bills when the unexpected happens.

  • Sync your rental payments

RentPay can help you budget better for life’s biggest expense – your rent. Sync your rent payments to your pay cycle – no more awkwardly-timed payments! We’ll smooth everything over to ensure you never miss a payment.

  • Instant pay

Pay your way, anytime. No more waiting days for your rent to be received. Automate payments instantly using your preferred method. 

  • Build up a Buffer

Life is unpredictable. RentPay’s Buffer feature lets you put money away for a rainy day to cover any unforeseen pay gaps.

RentPay Technology Pty Ltd ACN 636 254 709 is an Authorised Representative of Flexewallet Pty Ltd – Australian Financial Services Licence number: 448066.

We are also the authorised representative of One Card Credit Pty Ltd – Australian Credit License Number: 390376. For more details on the product, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), User Agreement and FAQs.

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RentPay is a digital wallet developed to give Australia's 7 million renters more control, flexibility and choice in how they pay rent. Founded in 2021, RentPay was designed by, Australia's largest pro-renter site serving hundreds of thousands of renters each month. RentPay is the only payment app in Australia that helps renters take control of their rental payments while also helping improve their cash flow and build their financial future.