Renter Stories is a series where we peek inside the homes of some of the coolest renters we know. From zen oases to vintage digs, we find out why they rent where they do – and how they make it work for them.

Name: Melle Branson
Age: 33
Suburb: Claremont
Originally from: Western Australia
Occupation: Filmmaker/photographer (@_tilldeath_)

Why does renting appeal to you at this time of your life?

“As a freelancer, I often work from home and have to duck out to meetings or shoots. So living close to the city is a huge priority for me and being close to good coffee, restaurants, and the ocean,” Mel said.

“To put it simply… I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy where I want to live at this stage of my life.”

“I’d prefer to rent in the area I love and work my butt off to save to buy a home one day. I also really love the freedom of renting, knowing that I can easily pack up and move somewhere else if I’m feeling like a change of scenery, rather than feeling tied down by a long-term mortgage. Renting just works for me at the moment!”

What makes your rental a *home* to you?

“When we first moved into our current rental, the things we previously had didn’t quite fit, so for a while, it was a big, blank, empty canvas,” Mel said.

“We slowly filled it with plants, books and prints, but it wasn’t until we put a cosy rug down and some ambient mood lighting that it finally felt like our home.”

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What are the most important attributes you look at in a rental?

“Nice light, proximity to the ocean and good coffee. The home must be within walking/riding distance from both!”

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