Renter Stories is a series where we peek inside the homes of some of the coolest renters we know. From zen oases to vintage digs, we find out why they rent where they do – and how they make it work.

Name: Krissy Jaman / Siona
Suburb: Alexandria, NSW
Originally from: Krissy: Germany & Ireland | Siona: UK
Occupation: Krissy: Tour manager & photographer | Siona: Advertising

Why does renting appeal to you at this time of your life?

Krissy: “I was travelling around the world backpacking and when I came to Sydney I fell in love with the city and never went back to Ireland. Renting allows me to live in this beautiful city that I fell in love with.”

“Renting appeals to me now in my life as I still want to have all the benefits of living right in the city being next to amazing restaurants, and beaches and I love being around my friends who all live in the city too.”

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Siona and Krissy: “If we were to buy a house now in our life, we would have to move out of the city to the outer suburbs, and we prefer living in the city.”

What makes your rental a *home* to you?

Krissy and Siona: “Our beautiful Maine Coon cats, Bastienne and Theodore. And our art pieces we have collected from our travels around the world.”

What are the most important attributes you look at in a rental?

Krissy and Siona: “Outdoor space is super important. It makes a huge difference when you can go outside and soak up some sunshine in your home.”

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“Light is also important to us as I love starting my day with the sunshine coming in in the morning, and it brightens your whole mood living in a sunlit apartment.”

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