Renter Stories is a series where we peek inside the homes of some of the coolest renters we know. From zen oases to vintage digs, we find out why they rent where they do – and how they make it work for them.

Name: Dana Rae
Age: 29
Suburb: Elizabeth Bay, NSW
Originally from: Cairns, QLD
Occupation: Strip Club Manager

Why does renting appeal to you at this time of your life?

“Most people I know who live in Sydney and rent probably had to fight to get to where they are,” Dana said.

“Whether it’s moving from somewhere small to the big city and fighting for your position, Sydney is not an easy place to move to, but if you can make it work, it is the best place in Australia to make a home.”

“In life, you are given choices. We could choose to live in the suburbs, with simplicity and a yard. Or we can have the life we are meant to live, renting in the city, with the convenience and all the wonderful opportunities that come with it.”

“Life is about creating yourself and treading forward into the unknown.”

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What makes your rental a *home* to you?

“The view from my bedroom window. The way I have decorated and filled it with the things I love. The fact that all my friends are all very close to me. The high ceilings, big windows and energy it has. It’s a nearly 100-year-old building, and it has that romantic air of an artist’s apartment.”

What are the most important attributes you look at in a rental?

“Beauty, light, air, and close to public transport, good cafes, shops, and the sea.”

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