Over 1.5 million renters in Australia have created a Renter Resume, a comprehensive online profile to streamline their home search.

Rent.com.au announced this latest milestone as part of an Investor Pack released in November 2022.

“We know that for many, renting offers flexibility and freedom, but the process of finding a new home can be intimidating and complex,” said Rent.com.au Chief Executive Officer Greg Bader.

“That’s where Renter Resume comes in. Created in 2016 in response to customer feedback, Renter Resume is a simple way for renters to organise, capture, and reuse the information they need for rental applications. It allows them to showcase their good qualities and rental history, and serves as a helpful guide through the application process.”

“Since then, we’ve been working to continuously improve and expand Renter Resume to make the renting journey as seamless as possible.”

Today, Renter Resume includes:

  • Verifying IDs and running tenancy database checks with RentCheck
  • Agent endorsements or references
  • Pet Resume to help facilitate discussions about allowing pets (over 285,000 created)
  • Dashboard displaying tenant information, applications, and rental history
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Streamline your rental search and applications with Renter Resume

Renter Resume is here to make your rental property search and application process a breeze. Think of it as your digital leasing agent – it helps property managers get to know you and see why you’d be the perfect tenant.

And the best part? Creating your resume is super easy, and you can send off enquiries or pre-filled application forms with just a few clicks. No need to worry about your info getting lost in the shuffle either – it’s all securely stored for when you need it.

Suburb Reviews now exceeds 1 million data points.

Suburb Reviews now has over 1 million data points, helping Australian renters make informed decisions about their next move. The database covers just about every suburb in the country and provides a comprehensive view of what each one is like.

In addition to individual property data, our suburb reviews can be filtered based on lifestyle preferences or traditional suburb/address searches.

Mr Bader said: “Our goal is to give renters all the information they need to choose the perfect place to call home.”

“We built this data into our unique search filters, such as allowing renters to choose whether they prefer to prioritise lifestyle features for a property, or to use the traditional suburb/address-style search.”

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