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“I’m applying for a property and want to fill out my Renter Resume to improve my chances. I have fibromyalgia and hope this won’t affect my chances of being approved for a rental. Do I need to disclose my disability in my Renter Resume?”

Everyone should be given a fair go when they rent a property. It’s true, landlords and agents have the right to choose the most suitable tenant for a property they’re managing, but they are not permitted to unfairly discriminate against anyone that applies for a rental property.

You are not obliged to disclose this information in your Renter Resume bio or a tenancy application – whether or not you have fibromyalgia is not key to your ability to be accepted for a rental property.

Once you view a property or, indeed, are accepted as the new tenant for the property, you can have an open discussion with the property manager / landlord as to your situation.

In fact, the law states that you cannot be discriminated against or harrassed because of your:

  • race (colour, nationality or descent);
  • sex (male or female);
  • pregnancy;
  • marital status (e.g. singles or unmarried mothers);
  • homosexuality (both gay and lesbian);
  • disability (physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability);
  • age (both young or old);
  • transgender (transsexual).

If you believe that you have been discriminated against when applying for a rental property and want to talk to someone, you should contact the relevant authority in your state. Click here for more information.

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