Looking for a place to rent can be a stressful experience for anyone, no matter how experienced they might be at house hunting: Enquiries, emails, phone calls and rental viewings… not to mention the time spent filling out a form every time you find a new property.

So, we’ve got something to show you. 

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Rent.com.au, Australia’s number one website dedicated to rental property, has launched a new feature to help Rent.com.au users by streamlining the enquiry and application process.

It’s all about simplicity and automation!

Renter Resume is your brand new renting profile feature. It’s designed to help you stand out from the pack. Renter Resume is just like your job resume – create it once, and use it to apply for as many properties as you like.

Instead of being just another name on a list of rental candidates, your application will really stand out.

Once you’ve filled out your Renter Resume, you can control, edit and review your current profile, but more importantly, you can automatically generate property enquiries and applications with the click of a button!

What’s Renter Resume all about?

As a Rent.com.au user, you can create a personalised Renter Resume (a unique renter profile) to improve your chances of success on your next rental application. Your Renter Resume will ask you to complete a number of fields – these are standard tenancy application questions. They will display to your prospective landlord or property manager when you apply for a rental property online through Rent.com.au. Your data is secure and only accessible by you, unless you choose to share it with your prospective landlord or property manager.

  • A brief bio (About me)
  • Your past tenancy history
  • Your employment history
  • When you’re available to move
  • Optional: Verification information, including an identity check (by means of a 100 point check – Medicare number, driver’s licence, passport, etc).

Renter Resume is designed to be a simply, fun experience, available on mobile and desktop platforms.

How does Renter Resume work?

  1. Create your online profile to improve your chance of being approved for a new rental property.
  2. Simply login to Rent.com.au, click Create a Renter Resume and follow the prompts to complete your Renter Resume.
  3. You have the option to provide as much, or as little information as you choose. However, the more information you provide, the greater your chances are of appealing to a prospective landlord or property manager.

I want to get started on my Renter Resume – where do I go? 

It’s easy. If you’re already a Rent.com.au member, just log in with your existing username and password. We’ll step you through the process to create your Renter Resume.

Haven’t joined the Rent.com.au community? Don’t stress! Simply follow the prompts to create your login – you can use Facebook or an existing email address.

What are you waiting for? Start your Renter Resume today!
Visit www.rent.com.au, click ‘Create a Renter Resume’ and we’ll step you through the process

Create Your Renter Resume today. Get started

Renter Resume – Renter FAQs

  • I haven’t done a RentCheck. Will this lower my chances of being approved for a rental?
    We highly recommend you optimise your Renter Resume to increase your chances of securing your rental property of choice through Rent.com.au. The property manager or landlord may still do a tenancy check on you. Completing a RentCheck upfront and including it with your application means you’ll be aware of any issues before you send in your application. It may increase your chances of getting your property of choice.
  • I’ve found my perfect rental property, but it’s on another website. Can I still use my Renter Resume to apply for it?
    Absolutely. If you find a rental property on another property portal, get in touch with us! We can check to see if it’s listed on Rent.com.au. If not, we’ll get in touch with the landlord or property manager on your behalf.
  • How many properties can I apply for using my Renter Resume?
    Once you’ve filled out your Renter Resume, you can apply for as many rental properties as you like. There is no limit on how many enquiries or applications you can send.
  • Can I edit or change my Renter Resume to suit different property ads?
    You can edit your Renter Resume at any time, as many times as you like.
  • How much does it cost to have a Renter Resume?
    The Renter Resume is completely free at this point in time.
  • Why does Renter Resume ask me for so much information? I’m not comfortable sharing everything.
    The information you will be prompted to enter into Renter Resume is standard tenancy application information. Your prospective landlord or property manager will need to verify your ID and use your income information to reasonably assume you can meet your financial obligations.
  • I’ve changed my mind, I no longer need a Renter Resume. Can I delete it from my account?
    You can delete your Renter Resume at any time if you no longer have a need for it.
  • How can I view the properties I’ve applied for?
    Once you’ve signed in to your Rent.com.au account, you can view the property details under ‘My Shortlist’.

Renter Resume – Landlord FAQs

  • What is a Renter Resume?
    Renter Resume (or a unique rental profile) is a snapshot of your prospective tenant. A Renter Resume provides a complete insight into the quality of your prospective tenant, reducing the need to carry out further security checks. Your prospective tenant will be prompted to complete a number of fields which will be displayed when they apply for a rental property online through Rent.com.au. Renter Resume simplifies the process of finding a quality tenant for your investment property.
  • Will all Renter Resumes include a tenancy check? If not, does this mean the Renter doesn’t want to be checked?
    Each Renter Resume will be slightly different, depending on what information a prospective tenant has chosen to include. A Renter Resume may not necessarily have a tenant check completed – this will come down to the individual.
  • How do you know if the Renter has found me through your site?
    A prospective tenant will contact you directly through the ‘Enquire now’ button, or the ‘Apply now’ button on the listing you uploaded to Rent.com.au.
  • Why do I need to give you a credit card upfront?
    If you choose to utilise the ‘Smart Option’ to list your property, Rent.com.au will request your payment details (which will be securely stored.) You will only be charged once we have secured a tenant for you. Once you have chosen a tenant following a successful application, simply accept their application, proceed to checkout and all lease documentation will automatically be unlocked and pre-populated with the prospective tenant’s details, ready for you to use.

Renter Resume is available now for new and existing Renters to use at www.rent.com.au