millionMore than 300,000 people have now created a Renter Resume, one of Australia’s most comprehensive renter profile applications.

“It is no small achievement to have developed a product that continues to gain traction in the rental market. More than 300,000 people have now created a Renter Resume since we launched the feature just over 18 months ago,” said RENT Chief Executive Officer, Greg Bader. “Even better is that we are still seeing growth in adoption with 2018 showing a 20% lift in daily new Resumes over our long-term average of 500 per day.”

RENT does not charge renters to create a Renter Resume, however, a proportion of renters purchase one or more Renter Products during the creation process and Renter Resume has been instrumental in driving the strong growth in Renter Products revenue in recent quarters.

“We are also starting to see some of our original Renter Resume customers moving into their second property, so coming back and updating their current address, building up their Resume depth and applying for their next property. It’s fantastic confirmation that the process is working, and we know that it is helping people find properties – already in the first two weeks of this month we have seen over 20,000 enquiries and applications to Agents and Landlords from our customers.”

Finding a home still a challenge for Australia’s renters: Budget survey

Following the recent release of the next Federal Budget, RENT asked its renters for their views about whether the Budget’s priorities and whether it addressed housing affordability. Their responses showed that for many, finding a home is still a challenge with 69% of our renters saying they felt affordability had worsened in the past 12 months, with 39% convinced it would become slightly worse in the months to come.

Tools like Renter Resume go a long way to improving an often difficult experience by helping renters to better showcase their positives when preparing their rental applications. They can also access other useful products such as RentBond and RentConnect during this process, which combined with the unique and useful information on the site, maker a leading choice for the 7.5 million people who rent in Australia.

I absolutely love the Renter Resume concept. It was fun to put together and made a huge decision less daunting. I liked being able to have an easy spot to create my applications and apply for my bond loan. Moving is hard at the best of times, so being able to make that tedious process quicker and more clear-cut is fantastic. I’ve recommended the site to all my friends for their next move,” said Queensland renter Matt.

“Yes, the obvious benefits are in the automated enquiry and application process, but it’s much more than that,” Mr Bader said. “Renter Resume is giving Australia’s renters a head start in what is often a ludicrously competitive process. The feedback we’re getting is great, we’re actually making a difference to people, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Lifestyle Gauges a hit with Renters

Now a few months old, the “lifestyle gauges” are increasingly popular with customers as another tool to help make the tough decision of where to live, a little easier.

“To be honest, the popularity of the lifestyle gauges doesn’t surprise me”, said Mr Bader. “It’s pretty common these days for people to solicit opinions and recommendations online and the Lifestyle Gauges are based on real-time results from people who rent in the area. In terms of relevance, I don’t think you can get any better! Combined with Walk Score, Transit Score, NBN status and Suburb Reviews, the Lifestyle Gauges engage our customers more and help them to make better-informed choices.”

“We have seen strong growth in the lifestyle database over the past few months. We now cover just about every habitable suburb in the country and over 86,000 renters have shared their thoughts and opinions about their suburb with our community”.

Positive renter feedback

Amie, 22 is a renter in Dubbo, New South Wales and said the Renter Resume and Pet Resume features were key to her success in applying for her most recent property.

My partner and I had been applying for properties to no avail on other websites for a week or two and had no response from agents. Then I found – I created a Renter Resume and made two Pet Resumes. Within 24 hours of submitting my property application on, I had a call from the agent approving us and our dogs into the property,” she said.

I’m convinced it was because of going the extra step to make a Pet Resume and show we were serious about our application.

Lifestyle Gauges live

Surry Hills is a great example of a popular, inner city suburb. RENT has had 144 different customers review the suburb, each highlighting the things they like most about the area.

It is not a complex process. During the Renter Resume creation process we ask our customers to review their suburb (based on their current address), which maintains the integrity of the information by ensuring that the reviews are only completed by people living in an area. RENT collates the results and display them whenever a property search is done.

As expected, the information from customers correlates strongly with other data points we provide (Walk Score, Transit Score) and together they help our customers better understand an area that they may be unfamiliar with.

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