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9 surefire signs you’ve found an application-worthy rental property

A great price and location make a difference, but the ultimate rental property will meet your needs on multiple levels. Here's how to find one.

Tenancy databases: Could I be listed?

An occasional late payment won't earn you a listing on a tenancy database, but consistently late payments might.

What references should you include in a rental application?

A great rental application is key to getting the property you want. Once your ID and background checks are done, your references can make or break the deal.

Glow up your rental application with these 3 financial hacks

Give these tried and tested rental application hacks a go to get to the top of the application pile.

Can I apply for a rental without viewing it first?

"Is it possible to apply for a rental property without viewing it in person? I work full time and can’t make viewings during the day."

Rental applications: How long before I’m approved?

"How long should it take to have a rental application approved or processed? When is an acceptable time to follow-up on the property?"


Australia has been crying out for a national housing plan. A...

The announcement by the minister for housing and homelessness is a major step towards a considered and long-overdue national plan for housing.

New WA laws could “plunge the region deeper into a rental...

Changes to WA's residential tenancy laws would only plunge the region deeper into a rental crisis, warns the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA).

RBA Cash Rate: What is Australia’s current interest rate?

Australia's official interest rate is determined by the Reserve Bank of Australia in a board meeting every month (excluding January). rental market snapshot: July 2022

How is the cost of renting changing in your city? has released the latest market data for July 2022.

Consumer Price Index: What does it do?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has issued the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures. But what exactly is the CPI, and how does it work? rental market snapshot: June 2022

How is the cost of renting changing in your city? has released the latest market data for June 2022.


Pet-friendly plants: How to choose safe houseplants

Love indoor plants, but want to keep your furry friends healthy? Check out these non-toxic plants.

5 things to consider before getting a cat

People often underestimate what caring for a cat entails. Here are some of the important things to think about.

Why do we need to walk our dogs, and how much...

It seems that 40% of Australian dogs are not walked enough and that a similar percentage of dogs are overweight or obese.

9 low maintenance dogs for people who live in apartments

Do you live in a small apartment but love dogs? Good news - the size of your space doesn't mean you need to give up on your pet ownership dreams.

Pet Resume – Create one with your next rental application

Have you had trouble finding a pet-friendly rental property? Pet Resume can help you (and your pet) put your best paw forward in the...

5 reasons hiding a pet from your landlord is a bad...

It can be tempting to sneak your pet into your rental. but there are several good reasons to avoid this.


Are apartments a good investment?

Not so long ago there was a belief that it was better to invest in a house or duplex rather than an apartment.

Landlords: Your rights and responsibilities at the final inspection

When a tenant vacates your property, it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities to avoid disputes and potentially save time and money.

6 secrets a building pest inspection report can reveal

Purchasing a property? Here are six secrets a building pest inspection report can reveal.

The repairs cost more than my tenant’s bond: What now?

“What happens if the cost of repairs to my investment property is higher than the bond the tenant has paid?” (Owner, WA)

What every first-time property investor needs to know

What are the most important things to look for when investing in a property for the first time? It’s a commonly asked question among budding investors.

Can I have a copy of the keys to my property...

As a landlord in Brisbane, do I have a right to have copies of the keys to my property if it’s managed by an agent? If so, when am I permitted to use them?