Living in a rental doesn’t mean you can’t add your own unique style to the property. The secret is adorning your property with things that not only make you feel at home, but are easy to take with you every time you move.

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The first thing many people think about when moving into a new rental property is filling it with the essentials. No matter how minimalist you may be, it’s hard to live comfortably without a bed, fridge, couch, dining table or TV. However, these things on their own rarely create a warm, inviting and comfortable space where you can truly relax.

You know what you like

To really call a rental property home, you need to add your own personality. Many people fall into the trap of assuming the landlord won’t allow anything other than the essentials, that stylish fixtures are too expensive, or that it’s not worth investing in personal touches if you can’t take them with you the next time you move. The reality is that there’s a whole world of modern options available that allow you to transform the home that you’re renting into a place that’s uniquely yours without leaving a trace when you move. 

Every wall is a canvas

Nothing says more about you than your own curated art collection. Again, the art you love doesn’t have to be a huge masterpiece or break the bank. Whether it’s your favourite posters, magazine covers, postcards or photos, there’s nothing more satisfying than putting them together in frames to create montages or murals that make you feel like your property is an extension of you.

The good news is that it couldn’t be easier to personalise your walls without drilling a single hole or hammering in a single hook. The secret is using removable picture hanging strips that are strong enough to hold your frames securely, and that can be removed when you move on without leaving a trace.

For example, the Command range of picture hanging strips from 3M comes in a vast range of strengths and sizes and is guaranteed to stay strong and come off clean. Four large strips can hold a frame up to 7.2kg, which means you can create your own unique gallery that you can take with you every time you move without worrying about leaving anything behind. Get inspired by the things that are possible with Command Picture Hanging Strips here. Or you can purchase now at Bunnings.

Shed some light

The easiest way to change the mood of a room is to add your own lighting touches. This doesn’t have to mean you have to go out and spend a small fortune on freestanding lights. You can dramatically transform any space by changing a few lightbulbs or adding some plug-in LED light strips.

You can even buy inexpensive LED light bulbs from your local hardware store that come with their own remote control that allows you to change a room’s colour and mood at the touch of a button. Just remember to put the original light bulbs to one side so that you can replace them when you leave and take your favourite lightbulbs with you.

Put yourself on display

Everything you own reflects a little aspect of your personality. Whether it’s the books that have moved you, the exotic ornaments you have collected on your travels, or the pots and pans that have inspired endless unforgettable dinner parties, having your favourite things on display can make you feel like you’re at home just about anywhere.

Portable shelving and coffee tables are a great way to display your treasured items without blowing the budget. You can buy these things new for a slick modern look, or if you prefer a more bohemian theme, you can pick them up second hand from local recycling stores or online marketplaces.

If you’ve just moved into a new suburb, it’s a good idea to check and see if there’s a local social media group that specialises in buying and selling in your area. Often these groups are a great way to pick up really good items for a fraction of the cost you would pay in a store.

Don’t forget to make friends with your landlord

No matter how you’re thinking of stamping your mark on your rental property, having a good relationship with your landlord is key to ensuring there are no surprises down the track. It’s much better to be open and honest with your landlord about what you would like to do than to end up falling out during the final inspection.

Let them know that you’d like to use removable picture hanging strips that leave no trace; you could even point them to the Command website above to see for themselves how effective they are. And if you are going to change some lightbulbs, ask your landlord if there are any watch-outs that you need to be aware of before you go ahead.

You have a right to turn your rental property into your home

Humans crave security. By adorning your rental property with all the things that make you feel safe and comfortable without having to worry about leaving any trace when you move, you are creating an environment in which you can feel happy and thrive.

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