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Ready to approve a new tenant for your investment property? Don’t miss RentCheck, a tool from rent.com.au that screens tenant applicants before they sign a lease.

RentCheck makes tenant screening simple

Determining whether a prospective tenant is suitable or not is something that’s often left to chance, and based on first impressions, timing and price.

With RentCheck, landlords have access to information that was previously only available to the professional real estate industry. The comprehensive tenant report removes the ‘what ifs’ from the tenant selection decision.

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What is RentCheck?

RentCheck is a tenancy database report – it’s the easiest way to view a prospective tenant’s reported breaches.

Using RentCheck, you can check an applicant’s tenancy record before you approve them for a property.

You can use RentCheck to screen potential renters, confirming items such as their tenancy database history, identity, court records, rental payment defaults and bankruptcy.

With identity fraud on the rise, RentCheck also includes identification verification through the Australian Document Verification Service, ensuring the tenant’s ID documents are valid.

RentCheck is a crucial step in the tenant management cycle

RentCheck helps to mitigate the risk of fraud and avoid unnecessary stress in the tenant selection process. It establishes that there are no hidden circumstances that could impact a rental payment.

The RentCheck product is also being used directly by tenants across Australia, who purchase their own reports.

Get the information you need to choose the right tenant

RentCheck is backed by Australia’s largest credit reference agency and utilises the National Tenancy Database (NTD). Each RentCheck is issued immediately via email.

List your property on Australia’s #1 website dedicated to rental property. If you need a great tenant fast, choose our popular Professional Pack and get everything you need to lease your rental sooner.

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