If you’re struggling to find ways to make your rental application stand out, fear not! Rent.com.au has your back with RentCheck, a report that can give your application the edge it needs.

Standing out from the crowd is no mean feat.

As the Australian rental crisis persists, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for renters to secure their dream homes.

Property managers and landlords are inundated with applications, making it harder than ever to stand out from the competition.

This situation can lead to constant rejections and a fear of missing out on the perfect rental property, causing stress for many applicants.

Don’t lose hope. Rent.com.au’s RentCheck is here to help.

RentCheck: The ultimate rental application booster

RentCheck is a powerful tool from Rent.com.au that can give your rental application the edge it needs to shine among the sea of competitors.

By checking your identity and rental history against the Equifax National Tenancy Database (NTD), RentCheck provides a simple report that presents you as a trusted, quality tenant to property managers and landlords.

So, how exactly does RentCheck work, and how can it bolster your rental application? Let’s break it down:

1. It runs a tenant check on Equifax NTD

For just $25, RentCheck performs a comprehensive tenant check on the Equifax NTD, scanning for any blacklisting or reported breaches in your rental history. This crucial step ensures that your name doesn’t appear on the NTD register, giving property managers confidence in your rental background.

2. It verifies your identity

RentCheck goes the extra mile by verifying your identity against the Australian Government Document Verification Service (DVS). This added layer of security ensures that your application is credible and trustworthy.

3. It checks for any court information

The RentCheck process also includes checking for any court information, such as bankruptcies, writs, or court judgments associated with you. This transparency showcases your commitment to being a responsible tenant.

4. You get a PDF report for your application

Once the RentCheck process is complete, you’ll receive a PDF report via email. You can attach this report to your rental application, giving property managers and landlords the utmost confidence in your suitability as a tenant.

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Endorsements: Boosting your Renter Resume

As a bonus, RentCheck allows you to request endorsements from your previous property managers when you purchase the report. These endorsements testify to how good you are as a tenant and can be proudly displayed on your Renter Resume.

How to get your RentCheck report

Verifying your rental history and gaining an edge in the rental market has always been challenging. Follow these three simple steps to order your RentCheck report:

Step 1: Enter your name, email, and ID details.

Step 2: Order your RentCheck report for just $25 (including GST).

Step 3: Receive an email with the PDF report in your inbox within minutes.

Rent with confidence

We understand the difficulties renters are facing in today’s challenging market. During these trying times, RentCheck is the secret weapon you need to tip the rental scales in your favour.

RentCheck presents you as a trustworthy and responsible tenant to property managers and landlords by providing a comprehensive tenant check and identity verification.


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