Looking to give your rental application an edge? RentCheck is here to help! RentCheck, provided by Rent.com.au, offers a detailed report based on your identity and rental history from the Equifax National Tenancy Database.

This article aims to help you understand RentCheck, the information it covers, and how to interpret your report effectively.

What is RentCheck? 

RentCheck provides an overview of your status on the National Tenancy Database, including verified identity checks and relevant court information. It’s a trusted resource for property managers and landlords to assess your credibility as a tenant.

How does it work? 

RentCheck conducts a tenant check on the Equifax National Tenancy Database, examining rental history issues and blacklisting. It also verifies your identity using the Australian Government Document Verification Service (DVS). The report is delivered to you as a PDF, which you can attach to your rental application or print for paper submissions, giving landlords and property managers confidence in your reliability.

How can I purchase a RentCheck report?

Obtaining a RentCheck report is easy. Simply provide your name, email, and ID details and place an order for $25 inc. GST. Within minutes of purchase, you’ll receive an email containing the PDF report. Attach it to your rental application or save it in your Rent.com.au Renter Resume for future reference.

Why is RentCheck important?

Including a RentCheck report in your application demonstrates your responsibility and reliability as a tenant. It shows you’re willing to go the extra mile to prove your suitability. A positive rental history significantly improves your chances of securing a property. RentCheck also helps you identify any issues in your rental history so you can take proactive steps to address them.

How do I access my RentCheck report?

To access your RentCheck report, you’ll need to register an account on Rent.com.au. Once registered, you can instantly download your RentCheck report for review.

How do I troubleshoot verification issues?

If you encounter verification problems, double-check your ID details for accuracy during the purchase process. Mismatches or incorrect information can lead to verification failure. If needed, consider purchasing a new RentCheck report. For further assistance, you can reach out to [email protected].

How do I interpret my RentCheck report? 

  1. Verified identity with no negative notes: Great news! You can confidently include your RentCheck report in your rental applications to stand out from the competition. Remember, less is more, and in this case, less means a lot!
  2. Verified identity with negative notes: If your RentCheck report contains negative notes, use it as an opportunity to explain the circumstances to potential landlords or property managers. Transparency and proactivity can increase your chances of securing a rental property. It’s always better to be aware of such information in advance.
  3. Unable to find identity: If you face difficulties verifying your identity, contact Rent.com.au’s Customer Service team through Live Chat or by calling 1300 736 810 for further assistance.

How do I deal with a record on the National Tenancy Database?

If your RentCheck report reveals that you are blacklisted on the National Tenancy Database, take immediate steps to resolve the issue. Start by understanding the circumstances behind the listing, as landlords are required to provide a written complaint. For payment-related issues, paying the outstanding amount within three months of the due date can remove your name from the blacklist. Additionally, reach out to the landlord or Property Manager to address any inaccuracies or escalate the matter if necessary.

How do I correct errors in my RentCheck report?

If you find errors in your RentCheck report, promptly contact the National Tenancy Database or the relevant agent or manager to rectify them. A correct rental history is crucial for securing future rental properties.


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  1. I get much clear in my knowledge regarding past record of my rental histrory.
    The tenancy database shows 0 (zero) results that i now know my previous rental history is very good.
    I have once forgot the payment time till ten days later i realised so have made my payment.
    I will keep our payment accurate all the time in the future !