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Thanks for purchasing a RentCheck through Here are some of the more common questions we receive about RentCheck to help you understand your report.

Q: Can I include my RentCheck when I apply for a property?

A: Absolutely. Adding your RentCheck to your rental application demonstrates shows you’re a well-prepared applicant. If you purchased your RentCheck when you completed your Renter Resume, your report will already be attached the next time you enquire or apply for a property through

If you purchased a RentCheck outside of the Renter Resume process, you can have it linked to your Renter Resume by contacting our Customer Care team on 1300 736 810.

Q: The tenancy database shows 0 (zero) results. How come my previous rental history isn’t showing?

A: RentCheck is a defaults tenancy check. It only has records of defaults and breaches such as unpaid rent, as well as other tenancy breaches that have been recorded on the National Tenancy Database (NTD). 

Your RentCheck report is not a record of every property you have rented. However, you can record your previous rental properties in your Renter Resume on 

If you have zero results on the tenancy database check, that’s a good thing.

Q: My RentCheck report shows there is an ‘enquiry’ on the database. Why?

A: If your Tenancy Database section shows ‘ENQUIRY,’ this denotes that a Property Manager has viewed your file. Don’t worry – this does not indicate a problem or default. As Property Managers use the same NTD database to check tenants, they are already familiar with this.

If your Tenancy Database section shows ‘Personal File Access,’ this means you have requested access to your own report – for example through this RentCheck report.

Q: My RentCheck report shows that I have a record on the National Tenancy Database. What can I do about it? 

A: Here’s the good news: A complaint by a Landlord or Property Manager must be presented to you in writing before it is lodged with a tenancy database, so you should know the circumstances behind this listing.

If you have been blacklisted, be proactive and take the steps to change the listing by paying the amount owed if it relates to a payment issue.

If you can pay the amount owed within three months of the due date, you’ll be eligible to have your name removed from the tenancy database. If you make the payment outside this period, you’ll see the listing changed to ‘inaccurate,’ but you may remain listed for up to three years.

If you believe there is an inaccurate file note in your tenancy database listing, your first action should be to contact the Property Manager or Landlord that recorded it.

If you can’t reach a resolution, contact Equifax via their Resolution Centre.

Here is an article with further information on blacklisting.

Q: The report says my identity information was rejected. Why?

A: The most common reason your identity information is rejected is that the name you entered is not the exactly as it appears on the ID document you used. For example, if you enter your first name as Mike, but on your driver’s licence it is entered as Michael, this will not match. 

If your maiden name still appears on your ID documents, but you entered your married name when you purchased your RentCheck, this will not provide a match and cannot be verified.

Other things that could cause an issue matching your ID is if the address you entered cannot be matched, or if the ID was incorrectly entered: For example, you entered the wrong licence number.

In these cases, you will need to re-purchase a new RentCheck to ensure it is correct.

Q: How long is my RentCheck valid for? 

A: Generally, your report will be considered up-to-date for 3 months, so you should be okay for the period you’re searching for your new home. 

If you have purchased a RentCheck in previous years and are looking for a property again, it is recommended that you purchase a new RentCheck to ensure the information on the report is current.

Q: Does RentCheck include information about me that’s listed on TICA or TRA?

A: Your RentCheck report does not include any records on other agent-specific databases, including TICA and TRA which operate in some areas, or the agent’s own internal records. 

If you suspect you have a listing on these databases, contact them directly.

Have questions we didn’t answer above?
Contact Customer Care on 1300 736 810 or email 

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