RentCheck can take the stress out of your application, verifying your rental tenancy database record and identification ahead of time to help you jump the queue.

What is RentCheck?

RentCheck is a tenant report – it’s the easiest way to view reported breaches in your rental history.

It will help you check your tenancy record before you apply for your next rental property. Identify possible problems before property managers do a check to avoid a possible roadblock to your application.

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Your RentCheck covers:

  • Tenancy database history: If you think (or know) that you have problems listed on the National Tenancy Database, RentCheck is an easy way to check so you can be prepared to explain any issues to a prospective property manager.
  • Identity verification: Can your identity be verified? Property managers and landlords want to know who they’re approving into a property. This will verify your identity ahead of time.
  • Court and Bankruptcy information: Have you ever been to court? Court-related matters will appear on your tenancy. The RentCheck will also show any debt agreements or bankruptcies recorded against your name. With this information at hand, you can explain any listings to your prospective property manager.

Get your RentCheck in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1: Enter your details.
  • Step 2: Make your purchase.
  • Step 3: Receive your report via email in minutes.

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Understanding your RentCheck

  • If your identity is verified and there are no negative notes

Less is more – this is good news! Add your report to your rental applications and get ahead of the crowd. You can add this to your Renter Resume on

  • If your identity is verified with negative notes:

With your report, you can now explain to a prospective property manager/landlord why you have notes on your record.

  • If your identity could not be verified:

See your RentCheck for information on how to correct this. If you have any issues, contact Customer Service on 1300 736 810 or email

Discover a smarter way to access your verified information before you apply for your next rental property.

Need more information? Call’s Customer Service team on 1300 736 810 or email us for details to help you get started.

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