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“Can I pay my rent in advance, weekly rent or holding deposit with RentBond?”

You can use RentBond to pay any of your moving costs, including your rental bond, rent in advance, or the cost of moving.

Once approved, the RentBond payment is made directly to your bank account so you can distribute the funds as needed.

Need preapproval?

You can apply and get conditionally approved for RentBond before you’re ready to move. When you’re ready to move and need the funds, you’ll be asked to complete your conditionally approved application.

Don’t have a home yet? Don’t stress. You can complete a RentBond application without having been approved for a property.

What about my pet bond?

Unless you live in Western Australia, you should not be charged a pet bond to keep your pet at your rental. But if you are based in WA, you can add your pet bond payment (typically a one-off payment of $260) to your total RentBond. This way, the rental bond and pet bond are lodged together as a single amount.