Moving house can be an expensive process, but there are flexible options available to support you if you need help with moving costs right now.

RentBond, our bond loan service, is a smart, flexible solution to help you manage your cashflow during the moving process. And, as we navigate this period of uncertainty for tenants across Australia, we’re ready to continue offering RentBond to support as many renters as possible.

What does a RentBond loan do?

A RentBond loan through can cover the cost of your rental bond and two weeks rent in advance, as well as any additional moving costs you might have (things like removalists and furniture).

Moving costs for rentals aren’t small either – When you consider you’re paying around six weeks worth of rent just to get into the property, it’s a relief to know you can spread this expense over manageable monthly payments.

Better still, RentBond comes with a 21-day, interest and fee-free option, so if you only help for 3 weeks (perhaps while you’re waiting for your bond to be refunded), RentBond comes with absolutely no costs.

Did you know: 62% of people who have successfully repaid a RentBond loan saw an improvement in their credit score

Why renters love the flexibility of RentBond

  • Our 21-day interest-free period means you can fund your new bond, rent in advance and other moving expenses at no cost, while you wait for your previous bond to be returned. It’s stress-free!
  • If you repay the full loan amount within 21 days, you won’t be charged any interest or fees.
  • Use RentBond to cover other moving costs (things like removalists, vacate cleans, etc).
  • Choose to have the money sent to your agent, or direct to yourself, so you can pay them when you’re ready.

We know how important flexibility and convenience is when it comes to moving house. Read on to see if RentBond is right for you and to start a RentBond application.