Going away over the break or school holidays?

While your choice of holiday destination is always the first priority, it’s crucial to revisit all aspects of your home security and identify any potential issues before you leave home. Whether you’re a renter, landlord, or property manager, taking a few precautionary measures can make all the difference.

pexels-photo-296230Adopting a proactive approach to securing a property is often overlooked in the lead up to a holiday or extended break.

Taking the time to stop, consider and act on a few basic precautionary measures will not only help to protect your home and assets, but provide much-needed peace of mind over the holiday period for all renters, agents and landlords.

Ensure your holiday break with family and friends is everything it should be with this Rental Security Checklist from rent.com.au.

1. Let a trusted neighbour or friend know you’ll be away. Give them your emergency contact details and leave a spare set of keys just in case. Discuss rubbish disposal and watering days.

2. Review all security features installed in the property. Check that your doors and windows lock securely. Purchase additional locks or install measures as needed.

3. Arrange for someone to collect the newspaper and check the house and gardens – or cancel or home deliveries for the period.

4. Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to check in periodically, or to leave a car in the driveway so the house does not look empty.

5. Security issues also extend beyond the property. Don’t forget side gates, alley ways, garage access or garden sheds.

6. Are your garden tools and ladders visible in the backyard? Ensure your equipment is locked securely away from the eyes from opportunistic thieves.

7. Check the lighting around the property. Consider installing light sensors to indicate movement.

8. Double check smoke alarms in all rooms. Install new batteries if required.

9. Keep communication lines open. Have key contact details stored in your mobile phone. Renters, if going away for an extended period, send your landlord or agent a courtesy note.

10. Turn your home phone down and consider leaving the radio on throughout the day or on timed intervals.

For further security measures to protect your home or investment property, refer to state police websites. For the newest rental properties across Australia, visit rent.com.au