Renting in South Australia and owed an outstanding bond? Consumer and Business Services has simplified the process to help tenants waiting on a refund.

Tenants in South Australia can now visit the CBS website to determine if they’re owed money.

Using the Residential Bonds Online (RBO) portal, SA tenants can enter the details of their tenancy, including the street address of the property, their full name and contact details. If money is owed, they can easily apply online.

The state’s commissioner for consumer affairs, Dini Soulio, said the simplified process aims to better help people determine whether they’re owed money – and how to lodge a claim when that’s the case.

“Every year, we return tens of millions of dollars in bond money to tenants, but there are times when that money simply isn’t claimed.”

According to the commissioner, there are several reasons this may occur. “For example, people may have provided incorrect banking details, or there’s no forwarding address or phone number for CBS to contact them,” he said.

To search the register, visit the Residential Bonds Online portal. 

If you require assistance, contact CBS on 131 882.