Looking for a new home online? Rent.com.au makes the rental property search simple, letting you search within specific suburbs and price points to browse through houses and apartments for lease.

If you’re house hunting and looking for information on how to send enquiries and applications, this post should cover all the basics. If there’s something we haven’t answered, let us know!

>> What is the best way to find a rental property?

How do I organise a time to view a property?

To organise a time to view a home you like:

  • Click the ‘Enquire’ button below the photos on the rental property ad; or
  • Click the ‘Book inspection’ button (if available) on the same ad.

You should be prompted to enter your contact details and a message (if you like) to the property manager. Once received, the property manager should contact you to arrange a time to view the property

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Help, I haven’t heard back from the property manager! If you haven’t heard anything from the property manager in 24 hours (assuming you applied on a weekday), give them a call to follow up. If you need help finding their contact details, let us know (support@rent.com.au).

How do I send a rental application?

Once you have viewed the property and decided you would like to apply for the property, it’s simple to apply. Click the ‘Apply online’ button under the property photos on the rent.com.au listing. If you have started or completed your Renter Resume, you will be able to send your Renter Resume application by clicking ‘Send Resume’ on the pop-up screen.

You can also add a message for the property manager if you have any further comments or questions to add to your application. Should you need to contact the property manager, their phone number can be found by clicking the ‘Call’ button next to their name.

It can take between 24-48 hours for a rental application to be processed, so be patient if you don’t hear back right away. 

>> How do I reset my rent.com.au password? 

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I can’t attend the viewing – can I still send in a rental application?

Whether or not a property manager will accept your application without having first viewed the property in person will differ from agency to agency. Where possible, you should always view a property before you send in a rental application and/or sign a lease.

If you are unable to view the property in person, consider whether you have a family member, colleague or friend who could view it on your behalf. It’s not uncommon for renters to move to new areas or states and be unable to view the house in person.

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If in doubt, explain your situation to the property manager. Some will understand and will accept your application and process it in the normal course – but be prepared to sign a waiver that says you accept the property in its current condition. This will remove any liability from the office should you decide to lease the property and then find it’s not suitable for you.

How do I create an account on rent.com.au? 

Creating a free account on rent.com.au is the best way to make your property search easier. It will help you create alerts and save searches, as well as add information to your Renter Resume.

  • To create your account, visit www.rent.com.au/signup/user
  • Enter your email address and create a password, or register with Facebook/Google
  • Click the orange ‘Next’ button

If you have any questions about using rent.com.au, we want to hear from you! Email support@rent.com.au or phone us on 1300 736 810.