“How does a rent reduction work for tenants in the Northern Territory?” Tenant, NT

We asked Ray White Darwin Business Development ManagerKate Nolan for her advice.

Kate said that in the NT, a rent reduction could take multiple forms.

“A rent reduction will either be offered via your property manager, or you can request one from your property manager yourself,” she said.

“Your property manager, in turn, will take your request to your landlord who will make a decision and instruct your property manager on how they would like to proceed.”

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“If a rent reduction has been agreed, then your property manager will ask you to sign a Memorandum Of Variation (MOV), which will detail the variation in the rent.”

This variation is the rent reduction from the agreed date and will be added to your lease agreement.

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Kate Nolan
Business Development Manager at |

Having made the move to Australia from her homeland of Ireland, Kate decided to make Darwin her new home after travelling around the nation. Kate makes sure she is on top of every part of her portfolio. From landlord, current tenant and the property itself, the greater her understanding of what she manages the faster she can address and resolve issues as they arise.