Rent in advance - How much should I be paying?

When you sign a rental lease, you’ll be asked to pay a rental bond, plus a set amount of rent in advance.

As with most tenancy legislation in Australia, the amount of rent in advance paid can vary from two weeks to a calendar month, depending on where you live.

We’ve broken down the rules by state and territory to help you understand what’s expected when you sign your next lease agreement.

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State/TerritoryRent in advance payableNotesFor further information
NEW SOUTH WALESA landlord or agent in NSW can request a tenant pays rent up to 2 weeks in advance, but no more.They cannot ask for further rent payments until all paid rent has been used.Fair Trading NSW
VICTORIAA rental provider in VIC can ask for a maximum of one month's rent in advance.This is unless rent is paid weekly, in which case they can only ask for 14 days' rent in advance. Also, if the rent is above $900/week, in which case there are no limits up to the full value of the rental agreement.Consumer Affairs Victoria
QUEENSLANDThe maximum rent in advance for QLD is 2 weeks for periodic agreements, or one month for a fixed-term agreement.It is an offence for the lessor, agent or provider to require more than the maximum rent in advance, or demand additional rent before the rent you've paid is used up.Residential Tenancies Authority
WESTERN AUSTRALIA2 weeks' rent in advance in WA.The lessor/property manager cannot ask for more than 2 weeks' rent in advance. You can choose to pay more if it suits your salary pay period, however this is not a requirement of the tenancy agreement.Commerce WA
SOUTH AUSTRALIAUp to 2 weeks' rent in advance in SA.Monthly, or calendar monthly rent payments can't be taken until the first two weeks rent has been used up and the next rent is due.SA Government
TASMANIAUsually 2 weeks' rent if rent is paid fortnightly in TAS.A prospective landlord/agent is not permitted to charge anything other than rent in advance, a bond or a holding fee.Consumer, Building and Occupational Services
NORTHERN TERRITORYIt's rare to have to pay more than 1 weeks' rent in advance for a property in the NT.You don't have to pay more than one rental period in advance.NT Government
AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY2 weeks' rent in advance in the ACT.In all cases, while a tenant cannot be required to pay more than 2 weeks rent in advance, the tenant is able to nominate a longer period for payment in advance should they wish to do so.ACT Government

For advice specific to tenancy laws in your state or territory, visit our Tenancy Support In Your State page. 

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