Renovating and cleaning hacks 

The time between one tenant moving out and the next arriving is prime time to get into your investment property and make some improvements.

renovate your rental property


Easy tasks to tackle

  • Redo the kitchen and bath area

The kitchen and bathroom are known as ‘impact rooms’. A well-maintained, modern room is far more likely to attract the highest quality tenant. If these rooms are dated back to the 1970s, they probably need to be updated. You have the option of going simple and updating small fixtures, or replacing larger fixtures, such as the sink or appliances.

  • A dash of paint

Keep your walls fresh by painting them regularly. Don’t go overboard – you don’t need to paint them every time a tenant leaves. Consider how long the tenant has rented the property and the condition of the walls. On average, walls should be painted every few years. If your last tenant was a smoker, or had young children who might have run their hands along the walls, they may need to be painted more regularly. When choosing your colour palette, stick to light, neutral colours. Colours like off-white or ivory can make your rooms look bigger and therefore increase the asking the rent and your rental desirability.

  • Improve your curbside appeal

The front of your rental is the first thing a prospective tenant will see. High quality tenants are drawn to pleasant looking spaces. A well-maintained front creates a positive impression about the property. Paint the exterior of the building, where possible. For example, you could paint the front door a deep blue or other rich colour. Make sure the grass has been trimmed and mowed when you advertise your property and rental viewings take place.

  • Clean, and then clean a little more

As part of their tenancy agreement, your previous tenants should have cleaned thoroughly before they left. But you should clean after every tenant as well. Some tenants will do a better job than others. Use this time to do a deep clean. Mop the floors, clean the walls and steam clean the carpets. This is a good opportunity to also clean any furniture that stays in your rental property.

The time between tenants is a good time to clean and improve your property. It will draw new, high quality tenants to you, lessen vacancy times and make sure your investment retains good value.