Redecorating a bathroom can become a costly task if you hire professionals, so it’s worth giving some budget solutions a look.

Guest post – Stella Ryne

Here are 10 ideas to help you remodel every segment of your bathroom and add style, without overspending. A beautifully decorated bathroom doesn’t need to cost a fortune if you’re willing to be imaginative and roll up your sleeves.

Add a poster wall

Wall tiles are one of the best and most popular ways to help you cover your bathroom walls, but there are other options. For instance, if you have a colourful age-old textbook with cool drawings inside, why not use its pages to decorate a bathroom wall. All you need to do is cover their back with paper glue, stick them to the wall and once the glue completely dries, cover the surface of the collage with waterproof gloss finishing.

Install a towel warmer

Another feature that doesn’t cost the earth is a towel warmer. These are ideal for drying clothes and (obviously) towels during winter months when your laundry line outside is rendered useless. As an additional perk, you can leave your hot shower and wrap a warm towel around your body. There are few better feelings than that!

Add LED lights around the mirror

Most vanity units come with a mirror and some sort of lighting nearby. An easy way to cut down on costs is by installing an LED strip. These can be purchased at any home depot (think Bunnings, Jaycar, even IKEA).

These strips are generally pretty cheap and come in different colours, as well as operational modes. LED lights are intense, so you’ll never cut yourself while shaving or badly apply makeup again!

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Colourful tiles in your bathroom

Unlike wall tiles, floor tiles are a must in a bathroom. The bonus is you still get to choose their design. If you have a small bathroom, or you wish to radically alter its appearance, then having brightly coloured tiles are a good way to go.

Rather than using white or blueish tiles, opt for yellow tiles, for example. You could also use old tile chips to create a floor mosaic for the ultimate unique impression.

Conceal your tub with panelling

Do you own an old metal tub that has been restored and repainted? It’s probably time to make it fit your bathroom decor. The inside of your tub won’t be a problem, but the outside can often need a little spruce up. Nothing that a few slates of corrugated or stainless steel can’t fix when placed in front of the bathtub to conceal it.

Don’t buy new, repair!

Now, your bathroom is not solely comprised of décor pieces. This space also has several appliances, which work a charm when they’re, well… working. If your washing machine breaks down, purchasing a new one can knock several hundred dollars out of your wallet. It makes much more sense to search online for washing machine parts and fix it, instead of purchasing a brand new one.

Install a bathroom chandelier

Although LED light bulbs can look great in the bathroom, a small chandelier can add an extravagant touch to your space. Installing a chandelier can make the ceiling the focal point of the room and usher in a vintage look. Sidenote: Be mindful that the pendant is not too long and won’t come into contact with water.

Add a touch of nature


Perhaps the most affordable of all improvements listed in this article would be adding plants to your bathroom. In fact, there are potted plants that thrive in the bathroom because they like high humidity levels. In terms of aesthetics, the best choices are ferns and various climbers and vines that can descend from the sill of your bathroom window.

Don’t forget your shower curtain

Have you ever thought about what feature takes up the most space in your bathroom, floor, ceiling and walls aside? More often than not, your shower curtain can make or break the look of your bathroom when drawn out. Try to match the colour and the pattern of the shower curtain to the rest of your bathroom.

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Wall candles and other tricks

It’s not the 19th century, so you don’t need to use candles (aromatherapy aside), to light your bathroom. However, you can still mount candle holders onto walls to create the impression that they hold real candles. Just add some faux LED candles instead.

As you can see from the above 10 ideas, a modern, stylish bathroom can be created without spending a huge amount of money. If you’re crafty enough, you can save hundreds of dollars without sacrificing the overall appeal of your bathroom that is needed to achieve total relaxation. Ahh, bliss.