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My Tenancy

What changes can I make to my rental property?

You might be busting to make some changes to your property, but you're renting and wondering what your options are in Australia. The answer, unfortunately, is 'not much'. Tenants commonly request for the installation of air...

Should I be told how long my lease will be?

Reader Question:  "As a tenant, do I have the right to know how long the owner wants a tenant - i.e. for the short-term / long-term?" – Joanne How long the owner wants a tenant -...

What does a room need to be a bedroom?

Have you ever wondered what constitutes a bedroom? Turns out, there's no legal definition for a bedroom in Australia.

Money Matters

I’ve paid my debt, will this clear my name on the tenancy database?

"I broke a lease early awhile ago and owed the landlord/agent money, which meant my name went on a tenancy database. I want to pay the outstanding debt out and have made a plan...

I don’t agree with my bond refund

Reader Question “I am having trouble getting my bond back from my property manager. He tells me that the owner wasn’t happy with the condition of the property, but I cleaned it thoroughly and had...

When is a good time to negotiate a rent reduction?

"My landlord has decided as of 2 months ago, to self-manage the house I am renting. I have a 12-month lease. As he is not paying fees to an agent anymore, is it worth...

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