Contacting Previous Tenants

Are real estate agents able to get me in touch with previous tenants so I can hear first-hand experience about the house I’m going to rent?Tenant, QLD

Getting in touch with the previous tenants is something that is commonly requested by tenants seeking a review on a potential rental property. So, we asked director/licensee at Homes4U, Mareea Wilkinson for her advice on this question:

Mareea said the answer to this question is a definite ‘no’, simply because of the Privacy Act.

“We could, however, pass on your details to a past tenant (with your approval) and they could ring you if they were so inclined,” she said.

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Mareea Wilkinson
Mareea Wilkinson
Director/Licensee and Head of Property Management at Homes4U | [email protected]

Mareea Wilkinson is the Director/Licensee and Head of Property Management at Homes4U in Clontarf, Queensland. Mareea has worked in real estate since 1998 and was previously a real estate buyer's agent in Redcliffe and a legal litigation secretary for a firm in Brisbane City. Homes4U is an independently owned real estate agency based on the Redcliffe Peninsula.