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“Who should pay if the tenant feels an alarm system is required?” – Dallas (WA)

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Who should pay for my security? 

The ship may have sailed if you’ve already moved in – but before you find your next rental, it’s important to know what you’re in for. You should research your area before you choose the right neighbourhood to move into.

Feeling safe and secure in your new home is essential, this is why we asked Property Manager with Harcourts Integrity, Jemma Murphy for her advice:

“The minimal security standard does not state that the owner must install a security system, however, if the tenant does feel it is a necessity it can be requested,” Jemma said.

“If the owner refuses to pay for one this cannot be enforced.”

Jemma said as a tenant, you can always ask if the owner will go 50/50 in the costs but this still cannot be enforced. In this instance, you can ask if you can install one at your own cost.

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jemma murphy
Jemma Murphy

Jemma brings to the Harcourts Integrity team exceptional organisational skills and a positive attitude which reflects in all her correspondence internally and with clients.