questions every renter


  1. From my experience, you need to ask in what form do you receive a receipt for your rental payments, or if any receipt at all is supplied.
    Also, you need to have a copy of the Property Management Rules & Regs when in a unit of 2 or more units on site.
    And take lots of your own photos before moving in. Also keep copies of all correspondence to and from re your residence.

  2. My husband and I have lived in three different rental houses. Based on our experience, it’s best to get a home inspection done, even on a rental property, if you’re planning to rent long-term. We’ve had an experience where the house has something wrong with the plumbing almost every two months. The landlord was prompt in getting the repairs done and we weren’t held liable to pay, but it was so much hassle not having water for two days. In our current house, though, it took weeks before the landlord sent a contractor to fix the leaking roof. There are also issues with the light fixtures that we had to pay for to get repaired, and we haven’t been living here for a year yet.

  3. As a pm if the number one question was the first one asked it would set alarm bells off and I’d triple check everything on the app