“I’m applying for a property. How can I show the landlord / agent that I can meet weekly rent payments?”

weekly rent payments
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The best way to show off your good financial record

We asked managing director / licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate, Jarrad Mahon for his advice.

“The easiest way is to give them a copy of your pay slips,” Jarrad said.

“The rule of thumb that most agents look for is that your rent is less than one third of your household income.”

“If you happen to be over this ratio, and you know that with your tight budgeting skills you can still afford the rent, then I would also include a copy of your bank account statement.”

Jarrad said showing agents your savings will also give them more confidence about your ability to pay the rent.

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Jarrad Mahon
Managing Director / Licensee at | jarrad@investorsedge.com.au | + posts

Jarrad Mahon is an experienced real estate industry thought leader who is a passionate property investor, real estate agency owner and the “Go To” for Perth property investment insights.


  1. Hi
    I am a mature woman on her own looking for a small place to rent.
    I have a great savings plan, employed for 4yrs with the same employer.
    I am able to collect references from my job, Payslips, Statements, previous land Lord.

    At the moment I am in a contract what are the options that i need
    to get off the lease with my other family members. It finishes in Nov 17

    • Hi Cristina. There shouldn’t be any problem renting as an age pensioner. Each situation will be assessed case-by-case by a property manager / landlord. There are a number of government services available that can assistance with rental payments. You will generally be charged a rental that is a percentage of the age pension plus maximum rent assistance available from Centrelink (regardless of whether you are receiving the age pension or rent assistance.) Some states and territories also have Resident Associations who can help with advocacy, legal aspects and also promote the rights of Residents to all levels of government. Hope this helps.