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“When it comes to the water bill, I’m only ever shown the water invoice. Do I have a right to see the full water bill, because the agent won’t show it to me.” – Dan 

Dan, we asked Principal at Ray White South Perth, Lisa Kerr, for her advice on your question:

“Hi Dan, in Western Australia, the water consumption is all a tenant is required to pay.”

“The Residential Tenancy Act clearly states that a tenant is to be provided certain information regarding the account, the whole account is not required to be given.”

Lisa said some agencies will provide a copy of the ‘water consumption’ part of the account, and others will invoice with the required information as per the Residential Tenancy Act (section 49a):
(b) the tenant is given notice in writing of the charge in relation to the public utility service, specifying –
(i) if consumption at the premises is metered – the relevant meter reading, or readings, and the charge per metered unit.

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