“Why can it take a landlord so long to issue repairs on my rental property? Is there anything I can do to speed up this process?”

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We asked Director at RentChoice, Caroline Nurse for an answer to this query:

“Maintenance issues often involve many people – the tenant, the property manager, the landlord and a contractor,” Caroline said.

“It takes time for each person to communicate with one another, arrange quotes, get approvals and book the work to be completed.”

“Tenants can make this process more efficient by providing detailed information about the item.”

Caroline said she always recommends taking photos and/or video of the issue for clarity.

“Let them know if email, text or phone calls is the best form of communication with you,” she said.

“We also suggest giving the landlord a selection of days and times that suit you best for a contractor to come and attend to the item.

“We often find that repairs can be delayed when each party is unable to get in contact with each other. Making the communication process as simple as possible is the key to speedy service.”

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caroline nurse
Caroline Nurse

Caroline started Rent Choice to address the issues that affected her most as a property investor. The company specialises in property management and focuses on building strong relationships with tenants.