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“I’ve cared for my rental, but I’m moving to a new rental. Why do I have to put up with an agent running prospective new tenants through the property, while I’m still living in it? ” 

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William asks, “I’m currently moving to a new rental unit. I’ve spent more than $800 on my present rental – I’ve cared for my rental. So why do I have to put up with an agent running prospective new tenants through, while I’m still living in this property?”

We asked Director of Metro Property Management, Leah Calnan for her advice on this question:

“Hi William, in Victoria the legislation allows your property manager to show prospective tenants through the last 14 days of your 28 day notice period,” Leah said.

“In my experience, this is usually the most inconvenient time for you as you will be busy packing and organising yourself for the move. Furthermore, prospective tenants often find it challenging to look past boxes and packing to really determine if the property is going to be suitable for them.”

Leah encouraged anyone experiencing this situation to offer their property manager the opportunity to conduct an open, or show a couple of prospective tenants through during the first 14 days of your notice period.

“During that inspection, your property manager can also let you know if there are any items that may be raised as an issue at the final inspection,” she said.

“When the process runs well, it’s a win win for all parties.”

Happy moving!

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