“I’ve sent my current agent a written notice before 21 days, and the time is fast approaching within a week of us moving. However, we still aren’t ready to move out due to unsuccessful rental applications. Can I ask my agent to extend the date we would be forced to move out, no matter what?” – Yisha 

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Can you extend your vacate date?

Lindelle, we asked Managing Director for PPM Group, Debbie Palmer for her insight into your question:

“Hi Yisha, this is a common scenario that we hear from many tenants so you are not alone,” Debbie said

“I understand that moving out and having to find a new home can be a very stressful time.”

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“When a tenant issues the agent with written notice it is an agreement to terminate the tenancy. You can contact your agent and discuss your situation, however, it is more than likely that they have entered into a tenancy agreement with a new tenant to move into the property.”

Debbie suggests that if a new tenant has not been secured, this could place you in a better position in negotiating with the agent.

“You may need to consider staying with family and friends and hiring a storage shed while trying to find your new home,” she said.

“Failure to vacate the property by the termination date could also have serious ramifications that could impact on your ability to rent in the future, depending on the circumstances.”

“It is always good to keep your property manager updated with open communication… at the end of the day they are only the managing agent acting in accordance with the instructions of the landlord and legislation requirements.”

For information specific to your state or territory, visit Rent.com.au’s tenancy support page.

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Debbie Palmer
Debbie Palmer
Managing Director at PPM Group | [email protected]

Debbie Palmer is the Founder and Managing Director of PPM Group, based in Robina, Queensland. With more than 30 years of experience in property management, Debbie is also the founding host of Australia's longest-running national property management event, the PPM National Property Management Conference. Debbie is highly respected in the industry and has dedicated her career to improving the mindset of property managers.


  1. Hi Debbie
    I’m going through stressful time and depression of having to move.
    I feel it’s unfair and going to leave me disadvantages. It’s a lot to go over and explain my situation but would really appreciate where I can get help please.
    Regards Phil