“Who is responsible for the TV antenna in my rental if the reception is poor, or simply not working at all?” – Jo (NSW)

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Where does the TV antenna responsibility lie?

We asked Senior Property Manager at Mint360property, Paul Plakidis for his advice.

Paul said if the property is managed by a strata company, any issues with the main antenna will be covered by strata, but internal issues will be the responsibility of the tenant.

“Therefore, you will need to make your own enquiries if the poor reception is a result of your apartment’s TV outlet connection and not of the main antenna to the building,” he said.

“Before you make any service calls, it is best to check with the landlord/agent and/or neighbours to see if any other apartments are experiencing poor reception. The last thing you want is to be charged for a call out fee for the antenna when the problem was a result of your internal connection or TV.”

Anyone in NSW experiencing this issue to refer to clause 52 of their Residential Tenancy Agreement, Paul said.

“The tenant must satisfy itself as to the provisions of any electronic communication services to the premises (internet, television – analogue, digital or cable). The landlord gives no warranty in respect to the provisions or adequacy of such services to the premises.”

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Drawing from several years of industry experience and a specialised knowledge of the Eastern Suburbs, Paul Plakidis is an integral figure within Mint360property's residential property management team.


  1. What I would like to know is can you get rent arrears notifications dating back over a year ago, removed from my tenants ledger? I know that we were not in arrears let alone received any communication to the contrary from the agent either by post or email. In fact on closer inspection our ledger is not looking good to a prospective Landlord or Agency with additions of previous rental arrears notices; that have been supposedly sent to us but not received. I have always been a long term reliable tenant with the occasional blip in paying rent on time. I really think some of the additions are not at all accurate.

    Also when the rent was paid at Christmas time and in early January, normally deposited as I have done in the last 20 months of renting via my bank account; they claimed not to have received it and as a result the account department issued us two letters of non payment of rent and they also appear on my ledger; which I feel is a bit unfair as rent was paid and on time as always so what changed I do not know. I was advised by the accounts lady that the usual deposits should be better identifiable with the property address but what I want to know is why it suddenly became a problem to them all of a sudden after 20 months of renting making deposits? I asked her to remove the additional notices but she said she was unable to do so. I would like to take this matter to the tribunal. Would I have a case to take to the tribunal in order to have these additional recording removed from my ledger.

  2. As long as you have proof of payments (ie bank statements or receipts) you can send these along with your tenant ledger when and if applying for future rental properties to live in.
    Maybe someone should have told you at the start of the lease that you need to always allow 2-3 working days for funds to go from one bank to another unless you bank with the same bank as the agency then monies should show up same day. Also if the monies are not referenced correctly then it becomes hard to determine who has made the payments.
    Good luck.