towel rail

“The towel rail in my bathroom has broken out of the plaster. I noticed that there is no timber behind the plaster to connect the towel rail to. Do I have to repair the towel rail, even though it will probably happen again? Or should I contact the agent?” Tenant, WA

We asked the former director at Rent Choice, Caroline Nurse, for her advice:

“It’s always best practice to report any maintenance items and repairs to your agent as soon as practical,” Caroline said.

“It’s best not to undertake any repairs yourself without liaising with the agent in the first instance.”

Caroline suggested taking photos of the issue and providing a detailed explanation of what you can see in terms of the lack of support for fixing the rail.

“This will allow the agent to arrange for quotes to be obtained to repair the towel rail with a long term solution, rather than a short term fix,” she said.

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Caroline Nurse
Caroline Nurse

Caroline Nurse was the Director of Rent Choice in West Perth, Western Australia. Caroline worked in the property industry for more than 13 years. Her background included property investment, residential rentals, real estate sales, residential land development, new home construction and renovation. Caroline held a Triennial Certificate as a Real Estate Licensee and completed a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma of Project Management. She has previously worked with Terranovis as a Development Manager.