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Do property owners have to provide screens on doors?”

screens on doors
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Screens on doors

“Do property owners have to provide screens on doors? Do they have to fix windows if they don’t open properly or have to be held up by sticks?” – Roslyn

We asked director / licensee at Homes4U, Mareea Wilkinson for her opinion on this question:

Mareea said an owner does not have to provide screens on doors.

“Would it be in their best interest to provide screens? I would suggest yes,” she said.

“With the Queensland climate that we live in, keeping a property free from flies and mozzies, especially with families, would only attract more tenancy prospects.”

Mareea said windows must be made usable.

“If they’re held up by sticks, this would not be appropriate as it would come under a safety issue,” she said.

“Any owner has an obligation to ensure the property is in good ‘working order’ and condition before it is handed to any ingoing tenant.

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