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“My roommate and I are both on the lease of our rental. But she has not been giving me the rent regularly. I’ve been trying to catch up myself, but I haven’t yet. What should I do when my roommate isn’t paying the rent? Have I got any rights in this respect?”

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Branden, we asked Director at Rent Central, Jenni Hansen for an answer to your question this week:

“This is a really difficult situation,” Jenni said.

“You are both equally responsible to pay the rent as you have both signed a lease. If one person stops paying their share, then it falls to the other person named on the lease to keep paying the rent.”

Jenni encourages anyone experiencing this situation to talk to your agent immediately and make them aware of the situation, then hopefully the issue can be resolved amicably.

“If you still have problems contact your state Tenancy Advocacy board and they will be able to assist you.  You should always check with your local authority on your rights and responsibilities under your specific state legislation,” she said.

Note: Rent Central is a Queensland-based property management company, and as such is based by Queensland regulations and legislation.

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