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“My agent has still not done repairs that were noted in my entry notice. What are my rights to see outstanding repairs actioned ?”

Your rights to see outstanding repairs fixed
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Your rights to see outstanding repairs fixed

Donna, we asked business development manager at LJ Hooker Gosford, Madeleine Smith for her opinion on your question:

“Let’s get one thing clear,” Madeleine said. “Your LANDLORD has not done repairs, not your Agent.”

“Depending on the nature of the repair, you may be able to seek an order that they are attended to.”

Madeleine suggests that if you find yourself in this situation, speak to your agent to find out if there is a reason they cannot be repaired right now and look into options to prioritise those that need doing most urgently.

“If any of the items are deemed “emergency repairs” under the RTA 2010, you could organise them yourself and seek reimbursement.

To find the best contact for your relevant state or territory, check out’s Important Numbers page.

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