“My agent does not return calls or messages. Is this normal behaviour? What can I do to get a response from them in the future?” Tenant, WA

We asked the former director at Rent Choice, Caroline Nurse, for some insight into whether it’s normal for an agent not to return calls or messages.

“This should not be considered normal behaviour, and many quality property management companies have a policy to return calls within 24 hours,” Caroline said.

“In some cases, agencies overload their managers with too many properties, and therefore they do not have enough hours in the day to fit in their workload.”

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If this becomes a reoccurring issue, Caroline suggested sending your property manager an email.

“This is a good way to keep a record of communication between parties,” she said.

“If you find that emails are also being ignored, then I would suggest calling the office and asking to speak with someone from the property management department.”

“Many offices will have more than one person who can assist with tenant enquiries, so this may help. If you still do not get a response, then ask to speak with the agent’s licensee.”

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Caroline Nurse
Caroline Nurse

Caroline Nurse was the Director of Rent Choice in West Perth, Western Australia. Caroline worked in the property industry for more than 13 years. Her background included property investment, residential rentals, real estate sales, residential land development, new home construction and renovation. Caroline held a Triennial Certificate as a Real Estate Licensee and completed a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma of Project Management. She has previously worked with Terranovis as a Development Manager.