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“I pay my rent via Payway, but from time to time would like a copy of my rental ledger. However, my agent says they are not required to supply me with receipt of my payments. Is that true?” – Lynette

Am I entitled to see my rental ledger?

Lynette, we asked Senior Property Manager at Nicholas Lynch Rentals, Heidi Sparks for her advice.

“Tenants are always entitled to a copy of their receipts or a copy of their payment ledger if this is what they request,” Heidi said.

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One of the most valuable things you can have at the end of your tenancy is a rental ledger (or tenant ledger) that shows your rent has always been paid on time.

In addition to your rental application itself, it’s important that you have all the requested and necessary supporting documentation.

Be a well-prepared applicant by having a photocopy of your photo identification (such as a passport or driver’s licence), a copy of a recent pay slip, and, if you’ve rented before, your rental ledger.

If you haven’t rented before, find another form of payment history that can demonstrate your ability to pay on time. This could be a car loan statement or a savings account with regular deposits.

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Heidi Sparks

Heidi, a Licensed Estate Agent has over fifteen years experience in the Real Estate industry encompassing all aspects of property management including both residential and commercial property management.